Get up out of the dirt and dust

When I was opening my journal to write this morning, the pages fell open to an entry I made in July of last year. It has to do with forgiveness, and although it’s personal and I’ve never shared a journal entry before, I feel prompted to share this one. I’m not sure if these words are my own, or if they came from someone else. There is no notation in my journal as to where they came from…but they certainly touched my heart today, and I hope they touch yours, too.

Who am I that you would forgive my sin?

Who are You that You forgive sin so easily?

I don’t have to beg for it. I don’t have to earn it. With Your loving heart You simply let go of what I have done and fill the hole of shame with Your grace. You say, I see you and I love you just the same. Get up out of the dirt and dust…I don’t accuse you. I love you. I don’t want to punish you, I want to teach you. I don’t want your heart to be burdened with guilt and sorrow, I want it to love like mine. 

Thank you heavenly Father, loving Jesus, magnificent Holy Spirit. Thank you. 

Grace is a gift. A loving gift we are meant to accept freely through Christ Jesus. What a joy to know how completely we are loved.



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